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During your stay at Villa Carlotta you will be able to be informed on the traditional Tuscan festivals, theatrical performances, lyrical or cultural events and concerts in order to make your holidays unforgettable.
If you are a nature lover, you can go horse - back riding on the hills of Lari, visit the natural preserves and go on the many organized excursions enjoying the peace and tranquility of the area.
If on the other hand you are looking for a “lazy” relaxed holiday, you can wander about in the local bars and coffee shops , sipping wine or go sunbathing on the nearby beaches. The local thermal baths and spas and the relaxing massages they offer can become part of your daily routine.
On request, guided tours to the nearby Tuscan cities of art and culture can be organized in the desired language. For further info click here. QUI

The Cherry Festival in Lari

lari ciliegeThe cultivation of cherries has a long tradition in Tuscany.

This exquisite fruit is celebrated in Lari during the last weekend of May and the first weekend of June.

The cherry festival hosts the stalls of the local cherry producers along the streets of the old town.

Visitors can taste the various qualities of this delicious fruit.


The Hill Area Festival
collinareaDuring the second half of the month of July, every evening for 10 days, the medieval village of Lari hosts street artists, singers, musicians and actors of all sorts. The old centre of this town offers the perfect frame for this outdoor festival where the historical buildings with their typical architectural features as well as the Tuscan landscape become the stage to the numerous performances which art lovers will adore. The height of this event is during the last evening where literally every angle of this old town, up to the castle, offers spectacles which bring life and colour everywhere. During the event all the bars, coffee shops and stalls stay open so that the visitors can enjoy the local food and wine.
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The Grape and Wine Festival
festa uva vino

In a territory which is marked by its variety of geographical features which go from the sea to the roaming hills and the gentle plains , not to mention the rich cultural heritage its cities of art have to offer, the range of local gastronomical products is extremely wide.

During vintage time, the Grape and Wine festival takes place in Terricciola, a village close to Lari. This is the oldest festival of its kind in the whole Province.

During the third weekend of the month, all the shops and wine tasting bars stay open so that the visitors can enjoy the local gastronomical products with the typical wines of the area.

During this festival, numerous street artists perform throughout the streets.

On Sunday, the festivities begin in the morning and the visitors can take the free shuttle buses to the various wine cellars where they can purchase wine directly from the local producers.

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The Olive Oil Festival

olio nuovoThe extra virgin olive oil is one of the most highly prized products of the Pisan region. Thanks to its remarkably distinct and rich taste, it can be used for cooking or it can be drizzled over uncooked food.
During the last weekend of October, the Olive Oil Festival is held in an oil mill in Casciana Alta, a small town situated 3 km from Lari.

Here you can browse around the mill and spend a wonderful afternoon savouring this fruited product with its slightly sharp taste.
In the evening, you can dine at the mill where typical foods and wines of the region are served.
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The Baths of Casciana
terme di cascianaIf you want to spend a relaxing day, you can you can visit the hot springs of Casciana at only a 10 minute drive from Lari. This is an ancient thermal resort renowned for its curative waters which spring at a constant temperature of 35.7° C.
Here you can spend a relaxing day either in the indoor or outdoor pools, the natural tubs or the thermal mud baths and you can choose among the numerous types of massages and body treatments performed by a highly professional staff.

The Pisan June
giugno pisano
In the month of June Pisa commemorates and celebrates its glorious past. During this month there are many street events, historical commemorations and cultural initiatives. The most spectacular event is carried out on the night of the 16th of June, the Saint Ranieri night. On this date, the banks of the Arno river are adorned with countless candles. The contours of the buildings and bridges are lit up by numerous candles to celebrate the memory of Saint Ranieri, the protector and patron of Pisa. This creates the magical atmosphere of the “luminara”.
Another historical and spectacular event which is held during the month of June is the “Gioco del Ponte” where the different quarters of the town challenge one another on the main bridge of the city. The “ fighters” wear the original historical garments of the different districts and the strongest team wins the challenge.
The conclusive event of these festivities is the Saint Ranieri regatta which is a heritage of Pisa’s glorious past as a Sea Republic.
Throughout the month many other smaller events such as concerts, local markets, festivals etc. are held in the city.

The San Rossore Estate
parco san rossoreThe city of Pisa holds numerous artistic and architectural treasures of priceless value which make it one of the most important cities of art in Italy. However, Pisa has much more to offer. At the gates of the city , in the preserve of San Rossore, there is an enchanting estate totally immersed in nature.
The park’s territory begin not far from Pisa and extend to the sea. The particular geographical position of this territory guarantee an unusual variety of natural settings that go from pine forests to the natural beaches and sand dunes.
If you have a few hours to spend , you can enjoy the enchantment of visiting the park either on foot, by horse or carriage.
There is also a hippodrome and numerous renowned stables in the estate of S. Rossore. For further information:

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